Recreational Time Can Grow Into An Industry:

The practice of competing in sport has been around a long time. Archaeology provides valuable information on games and athletics in the ancient world. I Corinthians 9:24-27 gives us examples of running a race to win and a man shadow-boxing. It concludes that the goal is to win a prize that will last forever. Man seems to enjoy competing. Perhaps boredom has a way of creating activities for enjoyment. Activities over time progress into new games and sports may develop. In this day and time commercialization of sports will occur as individuals visualize ways to make money. As sports grow in popularity, rules are written and guidelines set. These regulating documents tend to expand as the sport grows in popularity. Terminology for the sport will be refined and expanded to explain the game and its rules.

My Journey With Basketball

 Recreational basketball began for me in elementary school. It expanded into athletics from junior high through college. Then it became a way of making a living through coaching and teaching. The next stage of development came through my professional writings. First came a college text book for teaching basketball to prospective teachers and coaches. Finally, it has morphed into a mission to use basketball to talk about and share the teachings of God. (D Hill)

HighSchool 2


Senior year as an Aspermont Hornet - 1962.

CK Coach


First coaching and teaching job was in Cedar Key, Florida - 1968.

My Pic-jpeg

Finishing Strong

Nearing retirement after 40 years at Abilene Christian University - 2017.